advantages and applications of wideband current sensors

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We customize compact, low-power, wideband current sensors that operate over a variety of bandwidths  and current ranges with nanosecond response for your application.  Example bandwidth and current ranges are DC - 5MHz, 10MHz and beyond and 0 to 5A, 10A, or 20A.  Our sensors are low power compared to most commercially available current sensors even for ranges as low as 0 to 2A.  

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Recently, wide bandgap GaN and SiC-based switches have enabled high-frequency, high current switching in power converters, inverters, control, metering, current distribution and monitoring systems.  To monitor a current at a specific switching frequency accurately, the sensor must have a bandwidth of at least 5 to 10 times that frequency.  Whether you are designing a device with a switching frequency (or edge frequencies) of 100 kHz, 500kHz, 1MHz and beyond, we have you covered.



To achieve wideband performance (> 1MHz), most solutions combine the outputs of several different types of current sensors, including Hall-effect, Rogowski coil, magneto-resistive sensors, and current sense resistors, increasing the complexity, size, power consumption, and cost, and reducing the response time of the sensor.

We use one compact sensor with simple signal processing to cover the entire bandwidth with high accuracy and fast response.

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If you think you already have the right current sensor or would like to evaluate the performance of a variety of sensors, we have the device for you.  With one measurement, measure the frequency bandwidth, the sensitivity, and response time of your sensor.  

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